All the Marvel characters are attending high school. Read hot and popular stories about romanogers on Wattpad. Our Romanogers Appreciation Themes are: February 24th ~ “This I Promise You” A promise is a declaration of something that will or will not be done/given etc. The group of five students kept their secret identity from the public and continued to live their normal life until the intelligence organization decided to send someone to investigate them. marvel, romanogersforever, steve. It reads like the writings of a middle-schooler who'd been tasked with writing pre-existing characters into a high school cliché (except the high school cliché took place in college). Tony and Banner's experiment has gone wrong and turns the Avengers into teenagers. They will encounter a lot of problems and obstacles coming through them like going to detention, food fights, school dances and much more. Steve Rogers is fighting H. Saved from. Will they even find love in each other?. " Maria explains. (chapter 1-9 will be re uploaded with proof read version). Separate from the Avengers communities because this allows us to explore more Captain America themes. A brand new school where she only knew her siblings. Hope your writing improves over time. Read Highschool (Steve's POV) from the story Romanogers One-Shots by RomanogersForever_31 (I ️ ROMANOGERS) with 3,063 reads. Read hot and popular stories about romanogers on Wattpad. Steve is new to SHIELD highschool. Take note that it won't be all fluff and such. What others are saying THIS IS MY PIN, YEAH I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! XD